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September 21, 2017 by

Matt here and wanted to just fill in our new visitors and existing customers that are new website is now up and running.  We are eagerly awaiting the opening day of archery season on October 1st.  Things are shaping up nicely this season.  Most of the Midwest has experienced excessive drought in most areas and several of our food plots are showing signs of it!! 

Not being able to control the weather is another variable when it comes to whitetail management that can be semi-controlled with strategic planting dates and planting into a cover crop, like oats, clover, cereal rye or something similar.  These things keep a nice mulch layer for when the rain doesn't come.  Some of our plots have seen a steady soybean double crop with cereal grain rotation and not having the amount of residue as other areas has resulted in stunted growth this year.  We'll have 45 acres of standing corn that was able to catch some of our early rain to hold over our whitetail and other wildlife population over the winter with plenty of what they need even though some other areas struggled.  In these struggling areas we followed up with a heavy ratio of Oats and Rye to topdress the struggling plots. 

We try to plan for success but are capable of dealing with failure.  Our mast crop looks to be productive this year so we early season and into the youth season we will be focusing our attention to hunting these food sources while the whitetails break up from the bacherlor groups and start transitioning into their fall patterns.  Who's ready for deer season??!!

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