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About Lucky Outfitters

Lucky Outfitters is owned and operated by the Farrell Family. Our family purchased the property in 1995 and we own a little under 5,000 acres with 4,000 acres being contiguous in Franklin County Illinois. The property has the "Big Muddy Creek" flowing through the majority of land. Since we have started our outfitting operation in 2012, QDMA guidelines have been enacted in order to ensure our clients at the best opportunity at a trophy Illinois Whitetail.  

We manage 150 acres of food plots on the property for the sole purpose of feeding wildlife. We have a mixture of corn, soybeans, chicory, clover, radish's, turnips and oats all designed by our team to produce year-round food sources for Deer and promote ideal antler growth.  

Our guides are experienced Deer hunters, with the majority of them having over 15 years of experience hunting Whitetail Deer. Most of the guides at Lucky Outfitters have been working with the family since we started our outfitting operation in 2012. The guides work throughout the year to maintain food plots, manage deer stands, and scout the deer activity on the property. The guides will bring you to your stand and take you from the stand after each hunt. The guides will also communicate with you after your shot, to co-ordinate a recovery effort for the animal.  

At Lucky Outfitters we provide first class meals and lodging for your visit. All meals and lodging are included in the price you are paying per hunt.  

Thank you for taking the time to go through our website.  

Kevin and Matthew Farrell